Everyone claims to have the purest, most effective CBD on the market. Yet 99% of CBD companies are selling the same inferior products. BuzzyBee is different, very different.





Organic, 100% Natural, GMO Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Made in USA

It all starts with carefully curated USDA Certified Organic Hemp, grown for elevated CBD levels, and rich in terpenes. Hand harvested at peak levels and immediately flash frozen at -200 degrees to preserve the incredible array of CBD and terpenes it contains. The plants remain frozen until we need them, then we utilize a state of the art Hydrocarbon extraction method which leaves ZERO residuals! During this process the terpenes are slowly released at minus 100 degrees. This process eliminates the need for additional filtration. We call this terpene and CBD rich product LIVE OIL. No other CBD isolate comes close to this premium Full Spectrum CBD extract. And we always provide a COA for your peace of mind!



Only 6% of the CBD manufacturers actually use USDA Organic Hemp in their isolate. Most CBD companies purchase Hemp in the open market where it is machine harvested then air dried. The next steps of extraction typically are Winterization where the Hemp is heated to remove impurities, then distilled by adding a solvent and once again heated. This process repeats itself several times before producing the final product.


Since only 6% of Hemp in the US is certified organic, that means 94% of Hemp used for CBD isolate contains chemicals from pesticides, heavy metals, and other nasty things. Not only that, but after it is machine harvested and air dried it has already lost many precious terpenes and CBD byproducts we capture by flash freezing and cold processing. Next the Hemp is further refined by heating it again. We think its obvious that any product which contains unnatural impurities, and lower levels of terpenes and CBD is inferior. Taste, Smell, and of course our lab test results prove our product is best!